JDI Upgrade Kit

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The Junior Digital Ignition (JDI) system is an all new digital ignition system from JR Race Car.  The JDI system is designed to hold timing +- 2 degrees throughout the RPM range.  The 10,500 RPM rev limiter may save the engine and give the driver time to pull the kill switch in the event of a chain or belt braking.  The redesigned digital flywheel from JR Race Car is lightened and balanced for maximum performance.  The JDI system holds timing so accurately that timing is set with a flywheel key, no more guessing or measuring; simply locate the flywheel on the key and your timing is set.  The JDI system includes a 3 degree bracket to make minor timing adjustments quick and easy.  The hardware kit included two sets of spacers to accommodate any engine type, one kit fits all. 

The JDI Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Digital Flywheel
  • JDI Coil
  • 3 degree mounting bracket with hardware
  • Flywheel key

**Do not cut away boot for Kill switch**


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