Eliminator next Gen - Basic


SKU: 997-8200

DUAL-LANE TABLE TOP PRACTICE TREE   Uses Outdoor Bright LEDs   6.25" Wide X 8.75" High

Step into the future of reaction time training with the Portatree ELIMINATOR NEXT GEN Practice Tree! The Eliminator Next Gen combines all the features of  traditional practice trees with new cutting-edge capabilities.  It is compatible with all original Eliminator  accessories, including foot pedals, vehicle connections, National Event trees and Portatree Minis.


  • Eliminator Next Gen Practice Tree
  • 2 Hand Switches
    • 1/8" Stereo Jack Ends
  • 12V Wall Adaptor  
    • 110-220V AC Input
    • 12V DC, 1A Output
    • 3.5mm, Center Pin Positive Tip
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